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Introducing the latest release: MacBook Air 15 with the powerful M3 chip.

MacBook Air M3
MacBook Air M3

The MacBook 3 has arrived sporting the powerful M3 chip! Is it time for you to consider an upgrade?

Comparing the M3 chip to the M1:

Up to 1.6x faster performance

Up to 5.8x faster graphics

A brighter, more spacious display

A camera with twice the resolution

MacBook Air 15 M3 13",15"
MacBook Air 15 M3 13",15"

With the launch of the MacBook Air in both 13" and 15" variants, Apple has introduced its latest and most advanced silicon chipset to its most popular laptop.

Claiming to be up to 1.6 times faster than the MacBook Air equipped with the M1 chip.

So, what's the incentive to upgrade to the M3?

The M3 chip addresses a longstanding demand among end users by introducing a feature many have been requesting for some time: support for dual monitors with the lid closed.

It also positions itself as a superb and more affordable laptop option for the workplace compared to the MacBook Pro.

Dual External Display
Dual External Display

What problem remains unaddressed?

Despite the introduction of this great feature, Apple still hasn't updated the other options customers have complained about, such as the 8GB Unified Memory and the base storage of 256GB, which is just as ridiculous as its more powerful alternative, the MacBook Pro with 8GB Unified Memory and a base storage of 512GB.

In summary, we believe this is a great device for everyday users, especially with the added dual-screen support for the workplace.

However, what are your thoughts on the price increase from £1,099.00 to £1,499.00 for the 16GB base memory model with 512GB SSD for the 13" version, and £1,299.00 to £1,699.00 for the 15" version?

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